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Speedrat - Rennratte - Rapirat 2005

Speedrat - Rennratte - Rapirat 2005

Screenshots of Speedrat - Rennratte - Rapirat

Speedrat - Rennratte - Rapirat Publisher's Description

Reading speed and

Reading speed and

text comprehension

Slow readers find it difficult to understand longer sentences and paragraphs.

Those who read below reading out speed (150 words per minute) prefer listening to reading. Up to 5th grade only about half of the students reach this important level and often stay below it as adults.

Speedrat trains high speed recognition of isolated letters and of over 2500 of the most frequent English words in 330 games grouped according to length and similarity.

Speedrat also contains a test of reading speed and comprehension. Scores are compared with standards from the author`s latest research.

To find reading a book really exciting you need to read faster than 150 words per minute.


Target groups

A.  Kids from grade 2 up who find it difficult to read out fluently a normal text.

B.  Teenagers and adults with a silent reading speed lower than the normal reading out speed of 150 WPM (words per minute).

C.  Professionals with a reading speed of less than 250 WPM.


Training objective             

To be able to read and understand some 2500 of the most frequent English words with one eye stop and the shorter words also in groups of 2. Target groups B and C should be able to read groups of 3 and 4 words with one eye stop.



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